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I am an American Colombia-South America born, who immigrated to the US in the year 2000

I have a bachelor’s degree in Business with a major in Finance from the University of Ibague, my hometown in Colombia. I also have an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the University of St Thomas Aquinas, the first university in Colombia. I also have a Master in Human Relations from OU and an MBA from Oklahoma City University.

I love teaching, and consider it to be my vocation. I think that if we are going to complain about what is wrong with our youth, we should also consider what we can do for them. Help them on reaching their potential is what I always do and what I consider to be the role of a good teacher, we also need to remember we were young and had the fortune of good role models that inspired us.

I have one daughter 25, who is a Lawyer in Bogota Colombia.

I love playing chess, watching football and baseball.

Thanks to Crooked Oak for giving me the opportunity to serve this community.

Phone # (405) 677 5133 Email jzuluaga@crookedoak.org Room # 117

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